Jamie (menghuo) wrote,

I post this journal under my own free will

So... recently... whats happened. Ah yes, I started a new course at college... computer programming. I'm learning some code and stuff, 'tis quite fun and i'm enjoying it way more than Crapion ***Campion.

I started getting into some new bands... I found some awesome new ones like Blind Guardian, Lost Horizon, Power Quest, Bal-Sagoth and well... I bought loads more Rhapsody cds.

I went to see Dragonforce on Saturday. They totally kicked arse and I got backstage. I met the band again, and when I rang Dave (the drummer) he sent security to me (at the back of the queue) and took me to the front. I was like "BYE PEOPLE!!". I bought a shirt from there too. I already have the shirt but hey, I got it cos it had the different tour dates on the back. Then after the show me and my mate Ollie when across the street to some Japanese restauarant and we had Sake. Then we went back across the street and we met the band again... the guitarist proceeded to call me a hunk, needless to say I backed away. Wow, I rhyme, i'm doing pretty good at that today.

I have a newly aqquired taste of gangster movies, I bought loads of dvds such as the godfather trilogy, scarface, carlito's way etc. I'm big on Pacino films right now. I started watching Scarface and so far it rules. Although Vicky is online now and I really want to go back to the movie but i'd rather talk to vicky so i'm not watching it.

On the girls front, I havent had a girlfriend for a few weeks... or few months maybe, but hey i'll live. Theres just nobody around here who tickles my fancy, nobody has that spark. Although party on Saturday, so lord knows what I might do if I drink loads (which I will).

Football tomorrow... against our arch rivals. Sure to be fighting. We best win or i'll be grrrr.

I want to see Revolver, the new Guy Richie movie, although I hear its shocking. Which is quite upsetting cos lock stock, snatch and layer cake were so awesome. What a let down it will most likely be. It has Ray Liotta in it too... how can it be bad!? I also heard Green Street wasn't that realistic, but to be fair the idea was stupid. American kid (aka elijah wood) comes to england, gets into fights at football matches, gets pwned and thats it. I hope he gets battered. Us English pwn everyone.

What else... Vicky is apparantly quitting smoking, I hope so, keep at it hunneh ^^
Um... I saw Iron Maiden early September that was awesome.

I'd best be off anyway, peace out.... :S MWAHS!!11one
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