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food for thought. no. food for my BELLLYYYYY!!!! why the hell did i put that?!?!?!?

They came!! they finally came!!!!

actually, not finally, seeing as i ordered them 2 days ago!

my Iron Maiden tickets! cant wait! Hope Marcus is looking forward to it as much as i am!!!

In other news, Cobblers won 2-1 against high-flyers Swansea!
get it? their nickname is the swans, theyre top of the league near enough, theyre birds, birds fly, or are they birds? im confused, and no i wasnt trying to be funny...

anyways, it was a laugh and according to Podge i am on TV!!!!!! and he taped it as it was on sky sports. i want to see me! on tv! at the football matcheyyy! k. im gna shut up and leave you to get on with your lives. ENJOY!
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