Jamie (menghuo) wrote,


ahh well. its late. and im tired. But i have decided to update my journal out of my own free will...
anyway, today was interesting. i went to town, but i got a lift in with my Aunt. My sister wanted to go to the garden centre to see 'Santa'. Or should i call him pedophile... Parents are happy to let their children see Santa, but when you really think about it, its not nice. Small children sitting on a stranger's knee... It could be anyone!
Another Xmas discovery. Today, i wash thinking. The three 'wise men'. Yes... wise. Heres how it really goes. 3 Stoners are sitting in their house each taking drags from their roll up. One looks out of the window and says, "woah dude, look at that star, duuuudee, its totally bright man"
Another of them says, "Hey yeah, that star is totally aweseme! I just feel like i can touch it, its so cool!"
The third says, "i agree i just wana stroke it. Hey i got a far out idea. Lets follow it and see if we can get close enough to feel it"
Altogether: "ALRIGHT, COOL!!!!!!!"
so they follow it. Following it for no reason what-so-ever. Can you imagine them walking across the desert at night like: "ooooooh! wooohooaah" walking slowly, not taking their eyes off of it. thats the true story of xmas.
and thats all i am to type for now. I doubt Vicky found that 'funneh'. Sorry if i dissapointed! :(

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