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The many events of my life

Hello people! i dont think.... well i know i havent updated for a long time. last time was christmas day i think. Since then i've got wasted on new years eve with marcus and podge, got broadband and went to Rotherham! Cobblers are playing man.u if you didnt already know. well im sure you do!

So.... its saturday and im going to cobblers in a bit. Its against York if you wanted to know. we're also going to get our man.u tickets and then buy a bottle of beer which i will drink then keep so as to throw it at Alex Fergusen..... or maybe the Amercan goalie.... nah Alex seems a more likely target.

Anyway, i have nearly finished the Ranma Marcus bought me, thank you Marcus, i had nearly died from being away from something to read. Well when i say read i mean look at the pictures, i cannot read. Thats why i like manga and also thats why i am able to write this.... whatever. Its excellent.

Ahhhh i want to make a website. The thing is, im no good at it. I would probably make a website about iron maiden, or just a random site like kt's. I hear Marcus is going to make a site but its on black metal... a lot of help i'd be there! :P

Come on Cobblers for today and i know everyone may think it ridiculous but i have a good feeling about the town defeating the scum (man.u).

Can anyone give me any ideas on what games i should download, im getting battlefield 1942 at the moment, but then ill be stumped for ideas. i was thinking 'call of duty'. I hear its good. Aaaanyways i'd best be off to nowhere. Im getting my passport photo taken at Sainsburys in a bit.

Isn't life a joy??
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