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An update

I probably havent updated for ages, im just doing it for Vicky really =)

So, what have i been up to you wonder, well, i just recieved my gcse results and im quite happy with them (plus i got £180 from grandparents =D ) I go back to 6th form in a week =( Since i last posted ive been randomly collection maiden stuff and listening to ye ole dragonforce and maiden. I joined a new alien vs predator 2 clan (arent i cool x _ x) and i went to Spain. It was pretty cool, too hot though.

Hope that informed you slightly Vicky and other readers (if there are any)
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*goes with the flow*
oi i read your lj too.

what were your results?
Yesh you to KT! Sorry for missing you our ^^

Uhh i got something like BBBCCCCDD
very good well done lol
^^ thanks.
Yeah, same happened to me, but I think Katie had a part to play with me updating mine too... I think it's a conspiracy, we should make a conspiracy to counter their conspiracy. Sounded clever when i thought of it...
Yes Michael, it sounds the perfect crime. BWUHAHAHA!!
you're not taking the mick now are you?
Nah, dont worry im not.