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The wonders of updating

Yes, here I am again, returning from out of the fire. Just for Vicky bless her.

Whats happened since I last posted? Too many things thats what. My music taste has changed greatly. I passed my driving theory, I just did my as level exams, i've met a load of new people, new friends. I've gotten drunk many a time. I've been to countless away football matches. I've had various girlfriends. I've ... well i've done a lot.

Recently i'm not having the joys of spending money because i'm saving for my football season ticket. The deadline is rapidly approaching and I dont have enough. Plus it doesn't help by me winning ebay auctions and having to pay for them. Or running out of credit.

My life is alright at the minute. Although I really dont enjoy 6th form. I think i'm going to go to college next year and do some computer software work. Not sure yet. I have my driving test on the 18th of August. I so hope I pass. If I pass I can go to Reading to see Maiden. Go on the Dragonforce tour with Dave and hopefully get some backstage passes from Dave sr. That'll be a sweet road trip. Not to mention picking up Dany from the airport late August and Daniel in October. If I fail i'll have to book again, probably for October. I really have to pass. A lot of people are relying on me. I'll be gutted if I dont.

I've also been trying to get in touch with the carling weekend media area. I'm trying to blag some free passes. My mate Dany did it last time by claiming he was to review the show in a magazine. He's trying the same idea again and if it works I wont have to pay £90 to get into the festival =D

Thats all I can think of at the minute.

Take care,
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